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Skybot Scheduler

Skybot Scheduler

Powerful, flexible, affordable enterprise job scheduling.

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Automate Complex, Cross-System Schedules with Ease

Skybot Scheduler is the easy-to-use, yet powerful job scheduling system for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers. With Skybot Scheduler, you can build an event-driven schedule quickly and easily across multiple platforms.

Whether being used for Windows job scheduling, UNIX jobs, or as a Linux job scheduler, Skybot Scheduler handles complex dependencies and notifies you of errors quickly, so minor problems don't become major headaches.

Reduce Errors & Increase Efficiency

When day-to-day operations and maintenance are automated by Skybot Scheduler, your business runs more smoothly, reliably, and with fewer errors than those managed by human operators or dependent on time-based job schedules. Jobs can be distributed across a group, allowing users to optimize resource use and maximize throughput—avoiding overload of any one of the agents.

Focus on More Important Projects

By automating cross-system monitoring and execution of Windows tasks, cron jobs, or other batch scheduling processes, Skybot Scheduler frees you and your staff to concentrate on projects that add value to your business.

Access & Monitor Your Systems
from Anywhere

Skybot Scheduler's intuitive, graphical interface can be accessed from any web browser, which means you can schedule and monitor your entire operations from virtually anywhere.

Deploys in Minutes—Not Weeks

A modern job scheduling system like Skybot Scheduler is easy to install, set up, and use. You don’t need an expensive on-site implementation team. The Import Center makes it easy to move jobs and schedules from testing to production for faster implementation and less risk. You can even upload jobs from other Windows job scheduling or Linux job scheduler tools and convert them to Skybot Scheduler.

Batch Processing Diagram (Retail Example)
Improve customer service with an event-driven process.

Provides Flexibility & Control

We expose a RESTful web services API so that you can manipulate functions in Skybot programmatically. Skybot’s web services uses HTTP basic authentication, and returns XML responses. You can manipulate your job schedule with the web services feature, using a command line inter­face available on any Skybot agent, as well as execute web services as commands in a Skybot job, and create jobs that send web service requests from a Skybot Scheduler agent.

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Your Every Day Job Scheduler

Most of your jobs can be scheduled in less than a minute.
Skybot Scheduler has over 25 schedule options to choose from, including: Day of Week, Day of Period, and Interval.

For jobs that don't follow a repeatable pattern, it's easy to add Date Lists or Calendars, such as a Fiscal Year.

Maximize Efficiency with Reactivity
& Event-Driven Scheduling

Event-driven scheduling goes beyond calendars and lets you automate entire processes.

Jobs are initiated by events—the completion of Event A triggers the start of Event B. An event can be the completion of another job, a file arrival, a process starting or ending on another system, and more.

Skybot Scheduler also can check for resources like minimum
drive space or an active TCP server, before running a job.

Scheduling a Job by Day of Period in Skybot Scheduler
Create Scheduling Objects, like Calendars, once and share them across multiple jobs.
A Retail Example of a Job Flow Utilizing Agent Groups and Job Suites in Skybot Scheduler.

Save Time with Job Suites & Agent Groups

Job Suites let you group multiple jobs or complex workflows
and refer to them as one process, removing excess detail and reducing maintenance.

You can reuse jobs across multiple Job Suites and quickly understand the relationships between processes.

If you have Job Suites that need to run on multiple systems,
Agent Groups makes it easy to set up that scenario.

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Manage Tasks, Jobs, & Other Processes Across Your Entire Enterprise—From One Console

You can launch all of Skybot Scheduler's tools—History, Schedule Activity Monitor, Dashboard, Forecasts, and more—directly from your browser.

Simply open a web browser and start creating jobs, setting up automatic notification, and managing events across all of your Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers.

Track & Review Completed Jobs

History pages make it easy to track and review your Jobs, Monitors, and Output Distribution. If there is an error, it's easy
to find and fix the problem quickly. For example, Job History
tells you:

  • How long a job ran.
  • Whether it completed normally.
  • If the job was terminated.
  • All the times the job ran.

Need to keep a log of when jobs run, start, and finish?
Simply run a History report.


Set up automatic notification and use Job History to troubleshoot.
It's easy to set up monitors that notify you or your staff immediately if your job is delayed or fails. Use Job History to access the Job Log and troubleshoot.
Workload automation gantt chart of current activity.

See Current Activity at a Glance

The Schedule Activity Monitor (SAM) provides a graphical display of all current activity in your network, and you can filter the view for more detailed information. SAM helps you recognize variations and inefficiencies in your schedule, and gives you full control to run, hold, or release jobs on the fly. You also have the ability to drilldown on all data, and are able to customize the size and order of graphs to meet their unique needs.

Spot Schedule Trends

The Dashboard helps you quickly identify trends in your schedule. With charts and graphs based on recent information from your schedule, you can quickly see:

  • How many jobs ended or terminated recently.
  • Which agent systems ran the most jobs.
  • How many Job Monitors or Agent Events were processed.

Understand Dependencies

Skybot Scheduler's Job Flow Diagrams display the dependencies between jobs and system events in your enterprise. Use Job Flow Diagrams to:

  • Reference processes during planning meetings.
  • Train new operators.

Like a good blueprint, Job Flow Diagrams show you how everything fits together.

Plan Workloads

Forecasting is necessary to run your workload efficiently. Skybot Scheduler's Forecast displays the expected start time, run time, and prerequisite jobs. Use the chart to:

  • Spot gaps in the schedule.
  • Shift the workload to maximize system usage.
  • Signal when a system upgrade is needed.


Job Flow Diagram displays your job dependencies.

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Secure Your Operations

Skybot Scheduler's role-based security ensures that users only have access to the parts of the product they need and makes managing user profiles and passwords easier for system administrators.

Map your LDAP or Active Directory® (AD) groups to existing Skybot Scheduler user roles, and you can change the privileges
for a whole group of users on one screen.

With a virtually limitless combination of security options, Skybot Scheduler makes it possible to secure functions by department, division, geographic location, or customer.

Role-based Security Screen
A high availability setup where your database is replicated in real-time to a standby server.

Protect Your Schedule
from Unplanned Downtime

Skybot Scheduler’s high availability (HA) setup protects your processes from unplanned system downtime with real-time database replication to a standby server. Skybot Scheduler provides automatic agent switchover once the standby
server has been activated.


Cover Your Compliance Bases

Skybot Scheduler's Audit History provides an enormous boost for reaching compliance requirements—Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI, and HIPAA. It tracks the user, date, and time for all changes to the schedule across your entire network.

The Audit History is your one stop shop to find who created a new job or event monitor, who changed a job setup or commands, who forced a job to run outside its scheduled time, and more.

A log of the changes is kept in the database on
the central server, which makes reporting quick
and easy.

Skybot Scheduler's Audit History Log

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Keep Service Levels High with Notification

With Skybot Scheduler's built-in notification, you'll easily meet,
or exceed, your SLAs. If an important job fails, Job Monitors let you know automatically via:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • SNMP trap to open a problem ticket

Notification Lists let you create groups of users, including non-Skybot Scheduler users. For example, you could send an email to the accounting team when a specific job has completed. Notification Lists can be used when monitoring jobs, system events, SNMP traps, or your connected servers.

Send File Updates Immediately

Do you have jobs that generate updates to files that need to
be viewed immediately for additional processing, reporting, or archiving? Skybot Scheduler's Output Distribution feature lets you automatically send job logs via email, save important files to the server, or send output files as an email attachment.

A job with a late start in Skybot Scheduler triggers automatic notification
FTP of a file from one server to another in Skybot Scheduler


File Transfers Made Easy

Skybot Scheduler makes it easy to securely transfer files to any remote system. Schedule file transfers without having to manually enter the syntax, or even know the syntax.

Simply define your FTP system, specify which files to transfer and which directories to work in, and Skybot Scheduler writes the command for you—automatically.

If you have one remote system that multiple jobs send files to,
you don't need to enter the system information for every job.
File Transfer Systems let you define remote systems in one spot,
then quickly select that system when creating jobs.

Skybot Scheduler supports FTP, FTP Secure, Secure FTP protocols, and IBM iSeries systems with IFS.

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Integrate Applications Across Your Network

Skybot Scheduler can automate almost any type of job stream or business process, including:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite®
  • SAP NetWeaver®
  • Informatica PowerCenter®
  • Informatica Cloud®
  • MS SQL Server®
  • Windows Task Scheduler®
  • Windows Desktop applications
  • Cron
  • Robot/SCHEDULE

System and database administrators don't have to spend time writing custom scripts for schedule exceptions or job and resource dependencies. With Skybot Scheduler at the helm, background processing is scheduled and monitored from a single interface.

Multi-Platform Workload Automation with Skybot Scheduler

SAP-Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver®

With Skybot Scheduler's SAP Interface, it's easy to integrate SAP with your other IT processes and manage from a central interface.

You even can create new SAP jobs using Job Definitions and ABAP Steps directly in Skybot Scheduler. With ABAP Step Sets, write your commands once and share them across multiple jobs, saving you hours of setup and maintenance time.

Learn MoreSkybot Scheduler has an SAP-Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver


Oracle EBS Concurrent Requests

Any E-Business Suite concurrent request can be added as a command within a Skybot job, allowing you to include EBS requests as part of larger business processes and more complex schedules. Skybot Schedulers also lets you:

  • Add multiple parameters to a single request.
  • Run requests under multiple EBS users & application settings.
  • Assign program names and run numbers for easy tracking.

Skybot Scheduler integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite Concurrent Request in Skybot Scheduler

Integrating Informatica Workflows

Skybot Scheduler has received the Informatica "Seal of Approval"

The Informatica interface allows you to quickly build advanced schedules that integrate PowerCenter® workflows with other IT and business processes. Get the control and visibility you need to run your ETLs, reports, and other data integration processes as efficiently as possible.

Skybot Scheduler integrates with Informatica PowerCenter workflows.

Managing Microsoft SQL Server Jobs

In addition to including your SQL Server jobs into your production job stream, the Skybot Scheduler SQL Server Interface lets you:

  • Directly schedule your SSIS packages.
  • Check conditions before a job executes, such as the availability of a SQL Server.
  • Use Agent Groups to set up a single SQL Server job that runs on multiple servers.
SQL Server Integration
How to Schedule a Cron Expression Job in Skybot Scheduler

Scheduling Your UNIX or Linux Cron Job

Skybot Scheduler makes it easy to run your cron scripts as part
of a cross-system job stream.

  • Import existing crontabs into a Skybot Scheduler Job.
  • Use the "Cron Expression" option to schedule new jobs
    using the familiar cron syntax you are used to.

See all our job scheduler certifications and partnerships.

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