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What's New in Skybot Scheduler 3.2

Introducing Informatica integration in Skybot Scheduler 3.2

With support for Informatica®, Skybot Scheduler 3.2 lets users quickly build advanced schedules that integrate PowerCenter® workflows with other IT and business processes. Users can run entire workflows, start workflows at  specific tasks, or run a single task within a workflow. With Skybot Scheduler at the helm, you'll have control and visibility for your ETLs, reports, and other data integration processes.

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Other New Features in 3.2     (What is Skybot Scheduler? | VIDEO)
SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver


SAP Integration

SAP NetWeaver® users now have the ability to include SAP jobs, events, and variant changes in their enterprise job stream, taking advantage of Skybot Scheduler’s flexible scheduling options and other powerful features. For example, a job on a UNIX system could run automatically after an SAP job completes or an SAP event is raised. Skybot Scheduler can even reschedule intercepted SAP jobs.

Watch the Adding SAP Jobs to Your Enterprise video.

LDAP/Active Directory


LDAP/Active Directory®

Creating and managing dozens of user profiles with custom security settings and new passwords is time-consuming. Now you can manage Skybot Scheduler passwords and even user profiles from your LDAP server.

With LDAP Authorization enabled, administrators simply map LDAP groups to defined Skybot Scheduler roles. Operators log in with an existing network username and password and Skybot Scheduler automatically creates a user with the correct security settings.

Watch the Authenticating with AD video tutorial.

Job Suites


Job Suites

Job Suites let you group multiple jobs and run them as one process. Grouping complex job streams makes it easier for operators to manage and understand the relationships between processes.

Like individual jobs, Job Suites can react to external events, check for conditions, and use custom scheduling objects, such as calendars and date lists. You can even reuse jobs across multiple Job Suites for more operational control and less maintenance.

Document your Job Suites with visual job flow diagrams.

High Availability


High Availability

Protect your mission-critical processes from unplanned downtime with Skybot Scheduler’s master server and standby server.

The standby server replicates the database of the master server and stands ready to take its place in the event of a failure. Skybot Scheduler provides automatic agent switchover once the standby server has been activated.

Read this white paper on the benefits of high availability.

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