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What's New in Skybot Scheduler 3.3

Introducing Oracle E-Business Suite integration in Skybot Scheduler 3.3

Skybot Scheduler 3.3 now integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite

With Skybot Scheduler’s new interface for Oracle E-Business Suite, you can add complex schedules to your concurrent requests; integrate them with jobs from other systems or applications, such as backups or file transfers; and monitor it all from a central, web-based interface.

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Oracle Concurrent Requests can run on Skybot Scheduler Enterprise Job Scheduler


Powerful Scheduling. Seamless Integration.    (See all new 3.3 features.)

Any E-Business Suite concurrent request can be added as a command within a Skybot job. That same job can include commands from many applications and systems, including:

Any Oracle E-Business Suite concurrent request can be added as a command within a Skybot job.


  • Oracle E-Business Suite®
  • SAP NetWeaver®
  • Informatica PowerCenter®
  • MS SQL Server®
  • Windows Task Scheduler®
  • Windows Desktop applications
  • Cron
  • Other command-based batch jobs or background processes

In addition to its scheduling flexibility, Skybot Scheduler’s interface to Oracle E-Business Suite also lets you:

  • Add multiple parameters to a single request.
  • Run requests under multiple EBS users and application settings.
  • Assign program names and run numbers for easy tracking.

Skybot Scheduler can even be set up to monitor for the successful completion of each concurrent request before starting the next command or marking the Skybot job as complete.

All Skybot-defined concurrent requests are visible in Skybot Scheduler’s Forecast Models, Schedule Activity Monitor, Job Flow Diagrams, and other powerful analysis and reporting tools.


Every concurrent request submitted by Skybot Scheduler has a user-defined program name and run number for tracking on the Oracle system.

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